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U.S. Computing’s Compass School Bus Routing Software is built on its 15 years of development and product experience with esri GIS technology. Esri technology is our foundation—no one has more experience with esri transportation routing software solutions than the staff at U.S. Computing.

Compass - the best school bus routing software available

Our Compass Web-based School Bus Routing Software is a full-fledged K-12 software for route planning and transportation information management.

Whether a school district is interested in improving the efficiency of its existing fleet route planning and reduce fleet size or if the district is looking for data to assist it with expanding its fleet, Compass Route Planning Software is the ideal and easy to use software tool for such tasks.

Compass is an operational tool, in that it is ideal for day to day route planning management.  At the same time it is a strong planning tool letting districts experiment with various “what-if” type scenarios by varying parameters such as bell times, number of buses etc. to view the impact on routing.

Web Based School Bus Routing Software

Compass is a true Web Based routing solution. There is no need to install any special software on district work stations. Compass is installed on a server and users simply access it (with proper security privileges) using a Web Browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox.

TRUE Optimization with Compass School Bus Routing Software

Compass does far more than just find the shortest path between a given set of stops. If a district has (for example) 1000 bus stops and a fleet of say 200 buses, Compass can take that information, combine it with student rider counts and generate routes for each bus in the fleet. It may be that Compass will not need to use all 200 buses to route through all the stops and if that is the case it will let the router know which vehicles were not used. Compass does not require the router to have to sift through the 1000 bus stops and place each stop on a route or bus. The key value that Compass brings is the fact that it presents the router with a complete optimized set of routes to start with and then adjust as needed.

How is Compass School Bus Routing Software Different

  Truly Web Browser Based school bus routing software. It does not require you to download or install anything special on your computer for creating and updating routes.

  Built on World Renowned esri GIS technology.

  Able to create routes that adhere to specified bell-times through a Web browser interface.

  Able to match students to buses based on equipment needs through a Web browser interface.

  Able to seamlessly read in map data from local county/municipality of state government offices that use esri tools.

​Based on industry standard data formats and not proprietary data formats that require conversion.

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